Oliver Corp Kutzall Rubberhog Shieldzall

Extreme Vane Wheel

Extreme Vane Wheels are wave washer-shaped discs which can be stacked on a shaft to produce a buffing cylinder of almost any width.

Extreme Vane Wheel

While the general design of these wheels somewhat resembles the shape of stackable coated wheels made by others in the past, the Extreme Vane Wheels offer vastly higher performance in terms of throughput rate, buffing temperature, and service life. This advanced performance occurs because these wheels utilise Rubberhog’s much more effective Extreme MCM carbide coating, consisting of an aggressive pattern of very sharp conical carbide teeth.

The most common application for the Extreme Vane Wheels is as replacements for the stacked wire brushes used in buffing the back (bonding) side of pre-cured tread rubber. The Vane Wheels are very long lasting, and can greatly reduce the expenditures for consumable wire brush wheels. Generally, the Vane Wheels do not replace the wire wheels entirely, but rather, they replace one or more in-line brush stacks, with the remaining brush stacks still used to take advantage of their flexibility in cleaning up low areas. In this manner, the workload on the brush stacks is greatly reduced, lengthening the time between brush replacements. According to Rubberhog, the combined cost of replacing Vane Wheels and brushes together is much lower than the cost of replacements when only brushes are used.

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