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Rubberhog wheels are your best solution for grinding rubber and other elastomer materials.

Rubberhog wheels are your best solution for grinding rubber and other elastomer materials. These wheels perform much better than simple abrasive wheels because of their unique construction. They are made of precision-machined steel forms, coated with long-wearing, specialized brazed carbide coatings. Most are pre-dressed to maintain rapid material removal, yet produce a desirable finish on most elastomer materials. They can provide a service life as much as hundreds of times that of conventional abrasives.

Roll Grinding Applications

One of the features that make Rubberhog wheels your best choice for elastomer grinding is the wide selection of coating types and coarseness sizes. These broad coating choices assure the best match to your specific requirements. Rubberhog SSG and MCM coatings utilize very sharp teeth, which are shaped so as to provide fast penetration into the material, and unrestricted flow of grinding swarf away from the wheel. This provides a free-cutting action similar to a milling device, drastically reducing the time required for grinding. Despite the free-cutting aggressiveness of SSG or MCM teeth, their very uniform height and shape provides for surprisingly smooth finishes on the work-pieces.

Excellent Rubberhog applications include:

Rubber & Polyurethane Roller Coverings

Lathe-Cut Seals

Specialty Belt Products

Elastomeric or rigid polymer foam products

Wheel Styles

Wheels for cylindrical traverse grinding are available in three general styles. Single-grit wheels have only one Rubberhog coating type/size. They are most often used for finish grinding or light regrinding. Dual- and Triple-Grit wheels have coarser “hogging” teeth on the outer edge ahead of finer teeth, for combined rough and finish grinding. The difference between the Dual-Grit style and the Triple-Grit style, is that the Triple-Grit is capable of hogging in either traverse direction.


Rubberhog Original

Rubberhog Original

Some customers find that the random positioning of SSG teeth helps prevent “tracking”, assuring an excellent surface finish on critical products.

Rubberhog Extreme

Rubberhog Extreme

Rubberhog Extreme’s teeth have a more open structure, which greatly reduces heat, smoke and power consumption.

Rubberhog Crushed

Rubberhog Crushed

Wheels for cutting very narrow grooves, convex shapes, or complex profiles are often best made with a crushed Grit coating.


High Performance Peeler Tools

High Performance Peeler Tools

Rubberhog offers very effective peeling tools for removing large amounts of elastomer material quickly, without heat or smoke. This system consists of a tool-post holder, and replaceable, re-indexable peeler insets.

Rubberhog peeler inserts feature a wear-resistant carbide coating for long service life. The carbide coating contributes a self-sharpening effect, but as the peeler inserts wear, they can be indexed by rotating in the holder to provide multiple fresh edges.

Rapidly strip old rubber from cores

Save time by machining off overbuild

Removes rubber quickly without heat or smoke

High performance & long wear life

Rubberhog Dressing Kits

Rubberhog Dressing Kits

Unless a customer specifies otherwise, Rubberhog wheels are pre-dressed, to obtain a smoother surface on the rollers being ground. However, for some critical-finish applications, some customers find it helpful to dress (true) the wheels very slightly after they are mounted on the grinding machine. This will remove any slight centering error bought about by the wheel fit to the spindle, or by a small amount of spindle run-out (eccentricity).

Dressing is most often done with a green silicon-carbide vitrified wheel, spun between centers on the machine. The green wheel is used to dress-grind a small amount off the tips of the highest teeth, with probably no more than .001”/.025 mm removed. In many cases, however, even if a fresh wheel produces a little bit of scratching of the roller surface, letting it break in for a couple of weeks often solve the problem, without a need to dress the wheel.

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