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Rubberhog – Rubber Surgery Tools

Rubberhog – Rubber Surgery Tools are simply the most effective tools made for rubber repair and bonding. Tasks as challenging as heavy removal of damaged rubber or as delicate as carefully buffing surfaces to accept repairs can be done best with Rubberhog tools. They remove rubber rapidly with a high efficient, cool, smokeless cutting action. Most importantly, they leave a prepared rubber surface that is chemically clean and evenly textured.

Rubberhog Coatings

Rubberhog tools provide superior performance due to their specialized carbide coatings. The sharp points of carbide and open-tooth structure allow for remarkable efficiency. Rubberhog’s unique design and many years of manufacturing experience combine to produce tools with several important advantages:

SSG Coating Diagram

Rubberhog Original

MCM Coating Diagram

Rubberhog Extreme

Better Technology. Safer Repair

Rubberhog features innovations from the leader in the industry. The Rubberhog Tire Repair coatings use the best technology to ensure peace of mind.

Buffs cooler, no scorching

Fantastic wear life; costing you less per repair

Better surface texture for a safer bond

Faster material removal, for a quicker repair

See the Difference


Flawed Shape:

Competitor's Flawed Shape

Most low-end buffing tools do not properly match the shape of the tire.

Doesn't match the shape of the tire


Unique Profile:

Rubberhog's Unique Profile

Flared Contour Wheels properly match the shape of the tire.

Properly matches the shape of the tire

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