Welcome to the Rubberhog Design Center, where you can quickly assemble the information needed to order your custom grinding wheel!

The Rubberhog Customer Service team will review the Design Center information you provide. From that, a manufacturing drawing will be made, and sent to you for approval. If there are any concerns or questions about your information, we will contact you for clarification before creating the manufacturing drawing.

As there are many factors involved in the choices involved in wheel selection, please feel free to contact us for assistance at any stage of this process. When you call or email for assistance, it is extremely helpful to have information to share about your situation and requirements. This leads to generating the optimum recommendation, in the least amount of time.

Very helpful items of information are:

  1. The application for the rollers (offset printing, steel mill, plastic film, lamination, etc.).
  2. The types of rubber used and the range of Shore “A” hardness (“Durometer”).
  3. Whether the rollers are newly-covered or used rollers that are only being re-ground.
  4. The size of the rollers, and the amount of material usually removed by grinding.
  5. The size of the grinding wheel (please see the fill-in-the-blanks drawing templates from the “Design Center” for the most important dimensional factors).
  6. The rotational speed (RPM) of the grinding wheel.
  7. The surface finish (Ra) required, and whether the rollers are usually polished after grinding.

Which Wheel Style Would You Like Quoted?

Please select the Wheel Style you need and click through to enter your dimensional information, coating preferences & quantities.

Single grit

Light finish grind

Double grit

Rough and finish in one pass

Triple grit

Rough and finish in either direction


Produce shaped grooves