Oliver Carbide Products is the world’s premier manufacturer of abrasive tools and specialty coatings utilizing nickel-brazed tungsten carbide.

We deliver expertise culled from 60 plus years of industry experience producing a wide-variety of long-lasting proprietary coatings tailored to applications across a broad range of industries.


With an extensive range of unique tungsten-carbide solutions, we can achieve unparalleled performance advantages that are impossible to achieve by conventional abrasives. This results in customized solutions for a wide variety of materials and applications.

Tungsten carbide provides grip against metal

and driving against most solid materials such as metals, polymers or wood.


routing and rasping of non-metallics such as rubber, polymer foam, wood, fiberglass or other composites and soft stone.

Tungsten carbide provides wear protection from mineral
Wear Protection

from glass fibers, minerals and other abrasive bulk materials, either wet or dry.

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From concept to completion we can help design and manufacture a customized product for your application!

Manufactured in Detroit, USA