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Extending the life &
Increasing the value of your equipment

As a solutions minded company, Oliver would like to be considered as a potential source for your industrial gripping and wear protection needs. We have had great success working with a variety of organizations. Providing cost effective solutions to challenging gripping and high wear protection applications.

What can Shieldzall be used on?

The broad range of applications supported by Shieldzall technology has brought about a wealth of experience and technique that is unique in the industry. Shieldzall can thus offer you with solutions to many challenges that you might face in your manufacturing or processing environment.

  • Oil Field
    Oil Field
  • Plastics Factory
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Factory Conveyor
  • Wood Chipper

Have You Been Told Your Parts Could Not Be Coated?

Let our experienced staff review your parts or needs. We have developed a variety of proprietary processes that allow us to apply coatings to challenging areas and materials. It is common for clients to come to us after speaking to traditional hard facing or high-tech coaters who have told them the equipment used to apply and fuse their coatings will not work with their parts. We will work with you and your engineering team to develop what is needed to solve these problems.