Retreading Sidewall Wheels

  • Designed for shoulder and sidewall preparation.
  • Used on manual or automatic sidewall buffers.
  • Fast and effective removal of oxidized rubber.
  • Provides a uniform texture maximizing rubber-to-rubber bond.
  • Used with or without traditional wire brushes.
  • Excellent durability, reducing your cost per buff.
Retreading Sidewall Wheels
Part Number
129 4″ Contour Wheel 3/4″ Coarse (390) Bandag pre-8400 series
707-50 6″ Donut Wheel 50mm Very Coarse (460) Various*
708 (Shown) 6″ Donut Wheel 1-1/2″ Coarse (390) Various*
708-50 6″ Donut Wheel 50mm Coarse (390) Various*

* Fits various buffers including Matuzzi, Sio, TRM, Marangoni &Italmatic. Check your fitment; many buffers can use multiple I.D. sizes by selecting the correct adapter bushing.

Information Downloads

Passenger/Light Truck & Commercial Tire Repair Brochure
Retreading & Major Tire Repair Brochure
Extreme Contour Wheel Bulletin

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