Oliver Corp Kutzall Rubberhog Shieldzall

Extreme Contour Wheels

Rubberhog Extreme Flared Contour Wheels are the fastest-working, longest lasting tire repair buffing tools made. Using Rubberhog’s proven flared shape, these wheels are compatible with the exclusive PolyPlug accessories.

Extreme Black

  • Repair removal.
  • Section repair.
  • Post-rasp texturing of low spots along edge of crown (skiving station).
  • Clean-up of sidewall repairs (final inspection).
116X MCM 90 No Grad
Part Number Diameter Bore Coating
  • 116X MCM 90 No Grad 116X MCM 90 No Grad
    Part No. 116X (Shown)
116X (Shown) 3" 3/8" Coarse (MCM 90)

  • Part No. 122X
122X 3-1/2″ 3/8″ Coarse (MCM 90)

Extreme Blue

  • Installing repairs, where a moderately rougher texture is acceptable or desired (for example, OTR repairs).
  • Finishing of repairs on sidewalls.
Part Number Diameter Bore Coating

  • Part No. 114X
114X 3" 3/8" Medium (MCM 70)

  • Part No. 120X (Shown)
120X (Shown) 3-1/2" 3/8" Medium (MCM 70)

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